San Lorenzo Leather Market

You know that devilish trick that Cinnabon has in American malls of having its sweet scent into the corridor outside the shop, so that anyone within a 100-foot radius is compelled to follow the smell to the source and then, before you know it, you’ve got a giant Cinnabon in your hands? You know that feeling? Where a smell is so intoxicating that it makes you do things? That, my friends, is the effect that the San Lorenzo Leather market has on every person.

Lucky for me, I’m practically immune to the smell by now, but for anyone who makes a visit to my apartment, they always end up with at least one leather purchase.I moved into an apartment that is right on the street of the San Lorenzo Leather Market. Florence is known for its beautiful leather, and if you’ve never been here, the leather market is the most popular way to buy high quality leather for great prices. It’s in a very central area, blocks away from The Duomo, that attracts tourists and locals alike. Here you’ll find tons of vendors and booths full of all types of leather bags,accessories, and souvenirs.