Blog Voyage Abroad

Happy New Year everyone! I’m so grateful for all the experiences in 2014, and for each and every one of you who have been a part of my journey. I truly hope that 2015 brings us even more happiness and experiences! But it’s a New Year, so it’s time for New Adventures… Ready for the surprise?!

For the next five months, The City Slicker will be traveling throughout Europe! I will be studying abroad in Florence, Italy! Get ready for beautiful pictures, mouth-watering food, and European style!

Hang on tight…. Catch Me If You Can!

P.S. The City Slicker will still continue to help catch everything otherwise uncatchable in Miami, but during this time it will be through the Mini City Slicker’s eyes! Make sure to follow our mini account @minicityslickers to stay up to date with everything Miami has to offer!