Fooq’s Miami

Fooq's MiamiIt’s been exactly a year since I left to study abroad in Florence, Italy. Reminiscing on the four incredible months I had there, I couldn’t help but miss all the restaurants that tasted like a first-class destination, but made me feel completely at home. So, to recreate the feeling, I made my way over to Fooq’s Miami. This restaurant aims to serve “Feel Good Food” in an urban, yet distinctly cozy setting.

Restaurant owner, David Foulquier, named the resturant Fooq’s because it ” is inspired by the nickname given to Foulquier’s family home growing up, known amongst friends as a staple meeting place with an open-door policy,” per a release. As for the food, it’s “farm-to-table, international feel-good cuisine” with an “eclectically-curated menu of homemade dishes.”

Between an owner who has grown up in a french culture, and an italian chef who studied in various different parts of Europe, this restaurant serves dishes inspired from every background. As years pass, Miami restaurants continue deploying ever-expanding technical skills on better products. Yet the favorite spots have been those where plates tell a story. Fooq’s is one of them.

Remember I said it reminded me of my days in Italy? Fooq’s also believes in siestas. Make sure to check its laid-back hours before you go!