Market Man

IMG_2998From the team behind Studio LX and Blush comes Market! A new concept void of trends and full of effortlessly cool style. Inside you’ll find only clothing in white, grey, black, camo and denim hues. And this week, the team added yet another MVP… Market Man!


Market is less about keeping up with the latest trends, and more about an effortlessly cool boho-chic vibe. Regardless of your lifestyle or fashion taste, Market will always have the basic looks you love. There are also Market locations in Sunset Harbour and Sunset Drive.



DIY Patched Jean Jacket

DSC_0434The 90s are back and better than ever! The standard square fabric patches have adapted into colorful, personal patches that are placed on  jean jackets or faded skinnies. What I love most about the trend is the fact that there’s a certain element of nostalgia associated with it: Girl Scout unfiorms, 1960s hippie denim, and now, of course, The City Slicker Abroad. Another thing I love? It’s a DIY (Do It Yourself), so you can customize your jacket as much as you’d like.


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San Lorenzo Leather Market

You know that devilish trick that Cinnabon has in American malls of having its sweet scent into the corridor outside the shop, so that anyone within a 100-foot radius is compelled to follow the smell to the source and then, before you know it, you’ve got a giant Cinnabon in your hands? You know that feeling? Where a smell is so intoxicating that it makes you do things? That, my friends, is the effect that the San Lorenzo Leather market has on every person.

Lucky for me, I’m practically immune to the smell by now, but for anyone who makes a visit to my apartment, they always end up with at least one leather purchase.I moved into an apartment that is right on the street of the San Lorenzo Leather Market. Florence is known for its beautiful leather, and if you’ve never been here, the leather market is the most popular way to buy high quality leather for great prices. It’s in a very central area, blocks away from The Duomo, that attracts tourists and locals alike. Here you’ll find tons of vendors and booths full of all types of leather bags,accessories, and souvenirs.



Necessary Clothing

Traveling to a different country every weekend requires a lot of different outfit changes. Thanks to Necessary Clothing, I was wearing this Spring’s hottest new trends in the Italian Country side! My family came to visit this weekend, and we took a trip to San Gimigiano and Montepulciano. They were both such cute little towns in the heart of Tuscany.


Not used to this cold weather, wearing the same jeans-coat outfits were getting old, so Necessary Clothing helped me mix things up a bit. Finally able to wear dresses – I wore this super comfy sweater dress with black tights.

Everything from Necessary Clothing is absolutely new and on trend. All the new outfit ideas that were seen on Milan Fashion Week’s runway this past week, can definitely be found on their website (for a drastically cheaper price).

DSCN2354 DSCN2426 DSCN2417 DSCN2376 DSCN2362 DSCN2451



Wow, do I have a lot to share with all of you! First thing’s first… Switzerland was probably one of the most amazing places I have ever been to. It reminded me of a ski town, but way more impressive. The pictures don’t even do it justice. I stayed in the city of Interlaken, which is the heart of the Swiss Alps and THE adventure sports capital of Europe! So you know I obviously took part in the adventure.

So about two weeks ago, I joined a video sharing contest through a travel company called Bus2Alps. Long story short… I WON FREE SKYDIVING IN INTERLAKEN!! One of the BEST experiences of my life. Read all about it here.

Ah ALPSolutely amazing. I’ve gone skiing with my family my whole life, so whenever I’m in snow and I have the chance to ski, of course I’m going to take it! And hello, how cool is it to ski in THE SWISS ALPS?! The mountains were a lot harder than the ones in the states, but the views were incredible and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I skied all day with my best friends on the highest ski mountain, Kl. Scheidegg.



Day 3: Swiss Cheesin’
On our last day in Interlaken, we decided to take the train back to the top of the mountain and have a traditional Swiss lunch. We ordered cheese fondue and a Rosti plate. Rosti is basically hash browns, egg, bacon, and a lot of cheese all mixed together. It’s delicious!!

We were so sad to leave Switzerland, but we were obviously so excited to go back home! (yes, I call Florence home already)