Ace Your Finals With These Study Hacks

December is 95% of the world’s favorite month. I mean, who doesn’t love Christmas trees, presents, and the somewhat chilly weather. But the month of December also comes with something we all hate. It’s Finals time. The papers, tests, and projects we have been procrastinating for months are just around the corner. Waited until the last minute to study for Finals? Don’t sweat it. I’ve got you covered with the best study tips that will help you pass your exams so you can head off to winter break relaxed and still having your perfect GPA. So just like Finals week…let’s not waste any time!Luvo Learn

1. Get your study materials together in advance.


Rather than having to make a review sheet or flashcards in the same chunk of time you’ve allotted for studying, make them in advance. Most review sheet or flashcard making is somewhat mindless and can be done while multitasking or during bits of down time between classes. Don’t use your study time for getting your study materials together–it’s not the most efficient use of time.

2. Change your studying methods to match the type of exam.

If the test is going to be all essays, make yourself essay outlines or force yourself to do a rough draft of the draft. If it’s matching columns write out the choices and answers on paper and match them together on your desk. If it’s multiple choice or mostly vocabulary, flash cards are a great way to study. Flash cards are my studying method of choice–they’re so easy to bring with you and toss in your back if you have free time.

3. Use Luvo Learn as your study partner

Luvo is a last minute study hack that will get you that passing grade you need! It offers textbook outlines, lecture notes, flash cards and video tutorials! Live one-on-one tutoring is even available at the last minute. (By the way, if you’ve already aced your exams, upload your guides to Luvo and make some extra cash).

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