World Cup 2014


Univision is the only network that covers the World Cup in Spanish, so the last couple of weeks have been crazy for me at work! Starting off with 32 teams in June, to the final game this Sunday, FIFA World Cup 2014 was out of this world! While each team has it’s own fans and traditions, Peace Love World made shirts that made every team have at least one thing in common!

Team Slick sported our shirts on the day of finals! It was a sad day though since Argentina lost… but hey – there’s always 2018 right?!

Peace Love World makes shirts like these for every idea possible! Plus, they’re worldwide!

Who Knows.. maybe there will be an “I AM CITY SLICKER” shirt in the future (;

Here are a few pictures of things I did these last couple of weeks! All things #LaCopaMundial

Recognize this blonde superstar?!

shakira paparazzi