On Juice

After recieving an email from On Juice, I decided to take my first dive into the world of juicing. I did a 3-day pressed juice cleanse from the well-known juice bar. There were definitely some ups and downs, moments of euphoria and moments of major irritability –  but 72 hours later I felt brand new.

Overall, my juice cleanse was a positive exprience that I think everyone should do.  For me, cleansing for 3 days is plenty of time—I would not suggest doing a longer cleanse because, aside from turning extremely HANGRY (hungry + angry), your body goes into starvation mode after about 4 days.

I highly suggest using On Juice for your first cleanse! They give you all the information you need for the before, during and after processes. Plus, the juices taste delish! Visit their website for more info — www.onjuice.com

What will I do differently during the next cleanse?

The next time I cleanse, I plan on going to a gentle yoga class or spending a few minutes in a steam room to sweat out additional toxins. But enough about me! Let’s hear what you have to say… Have any of you tried a juice cleanse? If you have, what was your experience? If not, is it something you would be willing to try? Leave your stories, reviews, and experiences below or on my contact page! I’d love to see what you guys have to say about “getting juiced!”


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