Caught in Bimini, Bahamas

You know that vacation spot your family goes to every year? That one place that you look forward to for weeks? And no matter how many years pass, it will always have a significant place in your life? Well, my special spot is Bimini. What started as a small island that only fishermen knew about, has now turned into one of the most popular vacation spots for all Miamians.

DISCLAIMER – I do miss the good old Bimini days when no one knew about the island, and there were only 10 of us there playing “catch the crabs” with the Bahamian locals. But hey – I cant’ be selfish forever.

I can go on and on bout how beautiful the island is forever, but since I know most of you reading this already know that, I’m going to let you in on even more little secrets that aren’t on all the resort itineraries or website.

Radio Beach

This beach is the real one. There’s about a mile of white, soft sand with no tourists, no chairs, no partying. This is what the original Bimini was all about.

Make a right onto the street right after the straw market in town, and go up the road until you see the beach right in front of you.

Edith’s Pizza

Homemade pizza made by the one and only, Edith, is not made like your average pizza. The dough is actually Bimini Bread (THE BEST!!!) and the toppings are out of this world.

My personal fav: Lobster Pizza

If you haven’t had Bimini Bread, you haven’t been to Bimini.


Joe’s Conch

Something amazing about the Bahamas? Being able to watch the locals catch the conch and make you salad or fritters right in front of you. Joe has had his little shack for about 20 years, and it’s still the best conch on the island.

Make sure to leave your mark on the wall! Ask them for the permanent marker!



Caught in New York City

I can give you a “touristy view” of the city, but… what fun is that?!
See everything New York City offers while enjoying the exhilaration of riding the waves! New York Harbor Jetski is only a short train ride away from the NYC, and you leave to explore Manhattan- from the water- at Pier 13 in Hoboken.


Ultimate Bucket List Trip: South Africa

South Africa
If you could take one vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go? South Africa was my family’s top choice.

Because I have written a lot on the topic of once-in-a-lifetime vacations, adventures, and “Bucket List” experiences, I’ve been blessed to be able to visit some of the most interesting places in the world, from Ibiza to Dublin to skydiving and skiing in the Swiss Alps, and thinking about all of the places I’ve been, I realize how hard it is to top South Africa.

The main reason people tend to go on vacation to Africa is to go on safaris and see all the wild animals the massive content offers. But, South Africa offers far more to see and do than “just” safaris. In South Africa, you really can have it all – and with the favorable exchange rate and cost of living, it is a bargain, especially for food, drinks, and shopping! What was even better than all of this? The impeccable service. We stayed at the 12 Apostles Hotel and Spa during our time in Cape Town, and were treated like nothing less than royalty.

Cape Town, South Africa

While the quality of wildlife might be equaled in other places, the quality of the experience is not: South Africa has by far the best collection of luxury safari lodges. We stayed at the private game reserve of Kapama Karula. We had our own personal waiter for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as our own game ranger and tracker for all 5 days!

Kapama Karula

Cape Town, South Africa Kapama Karula

Going to Africa was most definitely the best experience – and trip, I’ve ever had. There are not enough words to explain how incredible our two weeks in South Africa were, but here’s a recap video of our trip that could give you just a little glimpse. As well as the day by day itinerary we had!

South Africa

South Africa from rebecca fernandez on Vimeo.

Dinner at The Harbour House in the V&A Waterfront

Table Top Mountain
Abseiling 130 meters then hiked back up
Long Street & Kloof Street
Dinner at Azure

Breakfast at Old Biscuit Mill
The Winelands, Stellenbosch region
-Rust en Vrede vineyeard
-Delaire-Graff vineyeard
-Lanzerac vineyard

Great White Shark Cage Diving
12 Apostles Spa
Dinner at The Butcher Shop & Grill

Cape Point
Cape of Good Hope
Boulder’s Beach- Penguin Colony

V&A Waterfront
Dinner at The Test Kitchen
(7-course tasting menu and a wine pairing, #28 restaurant in the world)

Wednesday through Saturday:
Kapama Karula Private Game Reserve


Grown Miami from rebecca fernandez on Vimeo.

Former Miami Heat player Ray Allen, and his wife Shannon, opened Grown, a new fast-food concept in South Miami. Developed by the couple, Grown is said to be “real food, cooked slow, for fast people,” meaning it fuses a farm-to-table concept using organic, local, and nutritious ingredients with the essence of a fast-food locale.


COACHELLAWhat do you get when you put hundreds of thousands of people clad in a mixture of boho chic and hipster attire in a desert over a two-weekend span to party to all types of music?

You get one of the most popular festivals in the world—COACHELLA!

This year was my first time going to Coachella. Although, I’d heard about how amazing the experience is, I had no real expectations when I first arrived in the desert. The less expectations the better, right? Well… it was even more than I could have imagined!

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